CVS Group AB dept Construction is newly established in Sweden, but we have many years of experience  Private houses – Villas,  Steal-fixing works, reinforcement concrete framework and Supervisors,
We take part of the project or the whole project,

We are recruiting the craftsmen with long experience in the profession and of course we ourselves go into all production.
Therefore you get the best results of the hired staff
Teams are complete and are already geared up when they come
A composition of the teams that are thought out so that you can increase the production from the first day and get the best working environment for all,
Possibility of the larger and longer assignments using our own supervisors
Armenian analysts and concrete workers in teams of two to ten, but we can also offer larger teams
Carpenter working in smaller teams starting from two
the professional help of an employment agency where the focus is on staffing in building and construction, and parts of a building,
an employment agency which is registered for Rot and Ruth
Shortly, we will have a larger teams available within the building and construction. Take the opportunity to get well geared craftsmen ready to help you in your project,
For contact +46 (0) 768 752 427 or

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